Thursday, October 08, 2009

the chemistry between ...?

It is really amazing how internet can do. Especially in context of strange relationship. Doesn't it obvious to have friends that you don't talk a lot, never talk, or never had a chance to have conversation while you still had it ?

And when distances took place, which made me feel like loosing chances to grab a bit memory regarding friendship, that maybe, never had chance to start. i often to walk through in the same situation but in a different place and time. And yet, i still did the same old mistakes over and over again, and keep on feeling regret afterward.

Till now, i still can't solve this.

Enjoy the picture below, silhouette of my friends which i snap at Tioman Island. The picture is special to me, because it helps me reduce stress each time i look at it. Hope it does the same to you guys :3

Berjaya's Beach, Tioman Island.

Appreciate every moment you have, before it get loose.

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