Wednesday, March 10, 2010

second chance

i feel like wanna laughing out loud! this is the second time i countered such coincidence chance. i am now on rushing for studio project :- multistorey building, which i need to design a building in about 20 storey which is green 4 star hotel located in the city of Alor Star, Kedah.

i just received message this evening from a person that introduce himself as Alep (heh i guess maybe i know the person). Honestly, i am quite surprise, because even though i didn't involved in music band at Penang so much, people still looking for missing part in their band, and chosen me to be part of their band. hey, wish i don't spoil your music t_t ..

and hell yeah, this is the second time i got offered in such secessionist at the same situation (in the middle of studio project). But i was rejected last time, in the last minutes, probably because of previous band found better secessionist to replace me. i was not feeling sad or gloomy, i was relieve! because the way of the previous band i joined with was not so "cool", they aim too high and spoil the mood which for me, it's suppose to be having fun. But meh.. i don't care much, and if the same case repeated on this second time, i don't even care neither! :3

design hard, study hard, play hard, and pray hard :)

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oya zihanee said...

kt ner nk dptkan advertisement??? huhuhu~~sila beri tunjuk ajar... rasa mmg nk join xthu~~