Thursday, April 01, 2010


a friend of mine post an album full with memories on our previous studies when we still at diploma architecture. i can't deny most of the pictures really raise a bit of weird feeling which is only you and the inner self will understand the self emotion. i bet, most of them would say,"if i could turn back the time, to do this and that", or something that similar as what i mention.

Flashback, is a process of remembering a moment that we should learn our mistakes in past, in order to prevent same mistakes from happen, to overcome the dark-side in our-self, trying to be a better men. What stuff do we flashback the most?

is it our family?
weird friends?

i can't forget the best conversation i ever had. Less words, meaning full in every single way. very epic.

turn that flashback on, please.

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yonna said...

oh my god.
minggu ni adalah minggu memory lane untuk i dgn kawan2 sekolah rendah :)

tgk gambar kelas darjah 6.
rasa muka selekeh.comot.
rasa mcm loser LOL
tapi semua tu mmg memori hahaa.
budak2 kan :D

12 years.
everything had changed.
but the friendship remains forever :)

letak la gambar old school kat sini :p hahaa