Sunday, August 29, 2010

it's your day

May Allah bless you with goodness and wellness till the end, be happy always, ignore those who try picking on you, always believe in what you do, no obstacle can stops you by Allah's will, instead it only makes you tougher and stronger, bear in mind there's a lot people full with love surround you, appreciate them as much as they appreciate you. 

Don't hesitate too much if you met the right guy, good guys don't hang around too much, so grab one of them while they still around!

Stop blaming yourself, if you did so. Because there's always a reason for something to happened and it does happened all around the world.

be happy,
be yourself,
hold what you believe in,

because today it's your day,

it's your birthday.

"selamat hari lahir".

too much error can't be undo. i'm not worth to be with you.

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_aiza_ said...

tq enchi kudin...i thought u forgot bout the day....