Thursday, October 07, 2010


"assalamualaikum din, heard you break away with girlfriend, don't be too emotional, be strong. There are many girls out there, don't worry".

"wa`alaikumussalam pak, thanks, yup, i'm still in control, i did solat istikharah and hajat, and i felt much more better now, i'm cool, she called me on this early morning and ask for forgiveness and wish to return back, din takk kesah to accept her back, how about your opinion pak? everyone deserve second chance, kan?"

"Question is she was undecisive. If she really love you than there should not be any reservation or doubt on you. Jangan dijadikan pelampung keselamatan je".

"i think, it was long distance relation effect? to make it worse, there's third person occurred. But she just realized what is really happen, its my intention to let her made her own  decision as for the last test before i proceed to the next level, is it wrong pak?"   

- Silent, no more replies -

i rarely talked this kinda stuff with dad. This was my first time, but with this conversation i can't help but keep noticing that the same clog mentality been doctrined  into most of us. The "mind your own business" phenomenon. Some said its better be that way than bother yourself to death without nothing to take for granted. But all that is contra with what our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH - Peace Be Upon Him) preaches us to do.

a wise friend said, there is nothing wrong to be pelampung keselamatan. There is no negative impact on it. Hence, people go look for it for emergency case, life saving, and etc for the sake of goodness.

"i pray and ask to Allah to treasure you for awhile, if you were made for me, and i wish for you the best if you weren't"

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