Monday, August 22, 2011


i was freaking scared thinking of what and why she behaved so weird few days back. i was like "what if..", "why this happen..", "ugh..", i myself quite mess-up lately and i can't cure all problems all by myself. Life isn't sweet all the time and responsibility is what really makes a person to be somebody worthy.

cliche :-
everyone searching for the same thing, a pure happiness. And i believed "perfect" is never meant for you and me. It is "we" that creates "perfection" by completing each other.

i'm so sad i could cry,
though i know,
there's nothing i can do,
you chose red and i chose blue,
did what we had to,
but i'm still missing you

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fiesya said...

it is becoz she was sick and seeking a little attention from u my dear..kind of weird but its just a spontaneous behaviour when she's not feeling comfortable with herself....