Friday, June 26, 2009

7 days

          Next week is my last week of practical training. It is quite boring to work with firm that had less work to do., im feeling like...wasting much of my time. By the way, i cant ignore the fact that, i still gained knowledge with current firm, as always, i want more! its just me.


          There is one thing that keep bugging me while i working here... there is a project which was suppose to be done by me, but big boss (the architect) pass it over other staff, which has not received formal design studies. His background knowledge is base on mechanical drawing. So, it really makes me annoyed.


           As i try to find reasons why, i recall one moment which, was about 2-3 weeks ago, big boss want me to draft 3D building, yeah so i accepted it and done it. I did took abit more time than he expected. But it is reasonable, i strugled to find solutions to design structures match with his design building. the most common statement that i always heard of, when involving structures of building, "Let the engineers think of it, its not our job to do that". o_O

and now. i get use to it.


Soon,When my time is come, i want to change this kind of mentality. seriously.

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