Monday, June 15, 2009

voice chat while WOE'ing

Yesterday was woe on the server ragnarok i played, heRO. It is low rate server 5/5/3, which is really challenging server to me. (lol i should get credit for publishing the server here) i joined a guild which literally involved woe but not too hardcore. i myself, honestly not interested in pvp and woe, but sometimes when my mood is ok, i will give it a try.
Continue on the story, the guild leader has ask me for ym id, and add mine to her list. She invited me to chatroom created by the guildies. They open voice chat and started talking with each other. i really interested to keep listened to what they talking, arguing, discussing about RO stuff and so on. its new step for me to get involved with some international people, from my past experienced playing online games, i dont have much chance to blend in with international people, just few person, which is actually good friends, from Russian-JonnyKey , Korean-Take.. something like that.. few more that i can not remember very well, and a girl from vietnam, saigon, name An. From the chemisty i can feel like we can be best friend, even we are not so close. Internet are just soo awesome 8D
oh yeah! before woe started, GM-Nara visited me and Handy (a sage) at Mosco Forest. She offer to play simple event - /dice. Try to do dice same number as her. We failed to get to her dice number, but personally i appreciated that the GM did good job as Game Master and her attitude increase relationship between players, server, & GM themself. Wish all the best for the server heRO. You guys ROCKS ~!
p/s: i cant believe i wrote about heRO on my blog.

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