Monday, August 17, 2009

mid term break

Its been like 3 days since mid term starts, and now i still dont know what to start relating to my current studio project. Since its brief project itself still cant be prove by our own lectures. So many things need to be prepare, details about land prices, profesional fees, municipal fees, etc fees, lol. And now what to do ?

im planning to work part-time starting on this semester, my aims for workplace is Hotel Equatorial and firm architect around here. My GF told me about a firm that she worked for last week and she has shown the way to that office. But yeah, the truth is, i stil dont have guts to try on chinese firm. Im so afraid lol. Hence (is it correct to use this word here ?) i start to learn some mandarin and kantonese by myself, i feel like, i need to learn and start to use some other languages, i cant depends on Bahasa Malaysia and English alone. i heard a quote about languages, "People who knows more than 4 languages knows more knowledge" <--im not sure if this right or not >:D

So, i realiaze theres some points of goal that i need to achieve, that is, increase my creativity of design for studio project, start again working as freelancer in architecture field, or work as waiter at hotel :)

A friend that never speak to me. That also included. Somehow i need to find a way to repair back this relationship. "Lain padang, lain belalang" the quote is so true. Sometimes,You will never know a person, even though you have known each other for a long time of period. Each time i met him, my feeling is mix. i feel sympathy towards him.

Know why i like sunflower ? it doesnt have nice smell, but it represent metaphor as Sun. Why sun ? Everythings on this world need it. From the smallest process photosyntesis to the gigantic need to warming us all. i wanna be a person that will be remembered in some kind of way. The way of mine. To be remembered. To be honoured.

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