Monday, September 07, 2009

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Behold.....the awesomeness of the traditional Malay house of Balik Pulau, Penang.

i did mention to share a photo or two related with traditional house that i and Anthony found at area Balik Pulau. It is called, "Rumah Gajah Menyusu" described in english as "Milking Elephant House".

Rumah Gajah Menyusu, Balik Pulau.

Left side of the house, as you can see, the lowest floor is called "Serambi", which is usually been use as to welcome guest into the house. Then the upper floor is "Ibu Rumah" which is biggest area in the house, it is the main area in the house. The third part is "Kelek Anak" usually has one or two rooms in this part of house. And the last part is "Dapur" with expandable of "Pelantar" or platform at the back of the house.

This is the basic element of the Malay traditional houses. Each part of the house has their own speciality and uses and meanings in terms of cultural and constructions.

Why bother to know this kind of house ?

its out dated ?

That's probably what you are thinking right now. Mostly.

Have you guys think, what influence of cultural that we facing and adapting now ? British came here and setup laws and rules that we follow without questioning the purpose of what and why they do this and that. WE accepted them, from ordinary people till the professionals. We have been served and absorb the west doctrine in so many ways :- mentality, cultural, and so on, that changing us into something else that we aren't.

im not saying that i don't accept the modern development. But our identity is slowly sinking in busyness of development.

Try look at your nearest modern houses. What did you sees. Adopting west architecture elements into east environment is NOT cool.

Study and make use of modern materials in lines of development is good. But loosing the identity of yourself is WORST

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