Tuesday, December 22, 2009

time bomb

When is the last time you predicted something bad would happen ? How did you predicted the situation ? What action did you take ? Which side would you choose ? Why is this all happening.

I WISH i could have all those answers. i lost my mobile phone when i was at my parents hometown, and now i use my dad's old mobile phone, it's still in good condition, though it's far better than mine which has lost back then.

the mobile phone which i obtained, contains several messages that i considered as secret conversation between the owner of previous mobile phone to a few persons. This messages reveals some kind of what i did not really know clearly about what really happen in family.

The first case which involved both parents still did not settle yet, and now rise another case. None of this gave negative reflect to ...

the shattered pieces is breaking up and getting rotten day by day from inside-out. Nothing more than a time bomb. Its just waiting for a time to explode. There is no good time, it's always bad time, because its a bomb, not a pie.

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