Saturday, December 26, 2009


Lately, i found myself quite frequent to express feeling through this medium : music. It's getting spread deep inside out. Maybe it reflect with what i went through, complicated family relationship, self-crisis, unorganized future planning. I afraid, i will loose control over myself.

Changing is what im afraid of. Afraid to be change into personality which i classified as negative phantom without realize that the symptom is occurring. i want to be aware of self-metamorphosis, i want to stay in control, i don't want to loose my sober!

i have started to self-introspection in past several months. Trying to find the reason of human existing. Chasing worldly is not my goal anymore. Holistic. There is certain level i must achieve. i am not left out and i don't want to be left out.

ya Allah, please show me your true path.


Yawny Cat said...

Hi there,

Stopping by to say human beings are born to die. Just kidding. It's just your introspection that sounds familiar. :)

Nice to meet you btw. Have a peaceful weekend.

kuzud™ said...

hi An, your writing do makes me aware some sort of things. Your direct statement really scared me a lot, i am too afraid to die :( , not now, not soon, i probably never ever ready, but its a fact, all living things are going to vanish sooner or later.

Yawny Cat said...

Hello, I guess you started to follow my blog in what seems to have been a case of mistaken identity. In fact I'm not An.

kuzud™ said...

>_< im sorry, yes i admited, im abit confused with your identity, it seems i really did mistake here, hope you don't take it too personal,

yes, i enjoy reading blog, especially from bloggers from out of my district. i like most of your articles.

don't bother mine, cuz it contains lots of grammatical error, im not good with english :)

i wrote just to fill in my free time. Thank you for visiting this blog, i really appreciated.