Friday, August 27, 2010



What a tiresome routines, but somehow i'm satisfied with it. Even though i still can't find proper freelance job in my field yet, but doing part-time as casual hotel worker still gave me good earnings. There's no easy-job to earn money in this world, they all have their own difficulties and complexities in many kind of ways. At least me could sustain money and manage to made up small scale savings.

Well, money is not everything, but in order to sustain life, money it is. We shouldn't look at one point of opportunity alone, because it would blind us from several more of other opportunities that probably gives us more advantages. Meanwhile seeking for opportunities ... never ever sacrificed relationship with anyone, no matter what. At least for me, that is what i sacred the most.

i'm happy to see you guys turned positive like this and i hope it last longer than expected. Time spended on this case really worth it.

It is fixed.

At least for now.

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